How to Afford a Baby

I live for pleasure.

For sure.

So when I started having kids, much to my happy surprise in rapid succession, I got a bit disturbed.

Naturally, I had to forgo my branded make-up and clothes shopping sprees.

Adieu Channel. Adios Desingual.

Loccitanne became part of my ancient history.

How about Bintan weekend getaway? Hello Elmer? What have we gotten ourselves into?


Don’t get me even started on our last European escapade.

Paris. Lourdes. Pamplona. Barcelona.

Remember we left the children with Tita Lita and our yayas?

Gone were the days.

DSC_0598 (2)

Ironically, the more children we have, the more I found interesting ways to make life pleasurable.

I am not an engineer for nothing. Wink!

Elmer introduced me to the fascinating world of Melbourne’s coffee culture.

2014-05-03 11.17.29

   I am hooked.

Libraries became a most sought place of solitude and solace. You will never truly appreciate silence until you have 3 or more children.

Cooking and baking became ever more enticing. What is more motivating than feeding a family of 8?

Late night stay-home-dates with Elmer became the day’s highlight.

Knowing that the church is just a few steps away from our house and God is literally my neighbor made it easier for me to live in His presence. Its hard to yell when He’s close.

Seeing my children oblige and willingly execute their home jobs became rewarding.

So. I finally knew how it is like to be a queen.


How do you afford a baby?

If you are married, what else are you waiting for. These kinds of important matters can’t be left to over calculation, planning, savings or even human respect.

Time is ticking.

You will have the grace to provide once that bundle of joy is out.

Children have sublime ways to make us live a deeper life of faith and divine abandonment.

Five children. Single income. Happy Christian. Contented wife. Fulfilled mother.

Take it from me.