God Save the Queen

Pneumonia hit me.

2014-01-21 19.06.01-1

First it was a flu then it became a lung infection.

For the first time since we moved to Melbourne, I was bed bound not only for a day but for most of the week. I was totally flat.

I couldn’t even muster enough strength to eat. Elmer took the week off. It was that bad. This reminded me of what we went through same time last winter. Only that time it was Anton on the hospital bed due to bronchiolitis. My six months old fighting for his dear life.  It was pretty traumatic.

2014-01-21 11.47.20

At least now it’s just me. I just slept it off. I had as much sleep as I wanted. All the kids were well and well taken cared off. Home cooked meals started to flood in from family and friends. Prayers were offered.

I was spoiled.

Then I started to miss homeschooling, cooking, cleaning,  comforting the kids, listening to their laughter and arguments, shopping for groceries, walking them around the neighborhood, putting them to sleep, relieving Tatay from Anton’s care, going out with Elmer. The usual stuff you would do for the love of your family.

I was suddenly not myself.

The hardest part about getting sick is not the pain associated with it but the helplessness from not being able to care for your love ones.

I am still in antibiotics. Second round. I’ve seen my GP for the fourth time. She said that I still take total rest. Ignore everything.

I respect her. But I think her  prescription would be too ideal. Good luck to us. A mother has to do what she has to do.

And dear God, please save this queen.