How to be a Little Mommy

We didn’t kick-off winter at the right foot this year. All of us got sick.


Much to my dismay, my lung infection lingered the longest. I was telling Dr Audhild, my little sister’s friend, that the pneumonia virtually snapped out all my super powers.

Nanghina si Darna.

But I thought, I’d rather be the one super sick than any of the children. For that I’m grateful.

I had to rely mostly on Sasha, our eldest. I just love 7-year olds! They are dependable, so eager to please and to serve. There is a certain maturity which comes uniquely with her age.

So I kindly asked her to help me around more because I was just so lethargic. She was uber excited to be the Little Mommy.


She even wrote down her tasks:

1. Be patient with everyone.

2. Make sure everyone does their jobs.

3. Keep everyone in the rumpus when Anton is sleeping.

4. Prepare breakfast.

5. Always ask Mommy “how can I help?”.

6. Make sure everyone is safe.

Don’t you just love her?

I absolutely do.

Your prayers strengthen me. And I offer my sacrifices for your intentions. Communion of Saints is just amazing.