For Young Mothers: Letter to my Bestfriend

This letter was written for one of my best friends and for all young mothers who are facing tough life choices.

From the Best of the Chronicles of Rea.

I know you are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a young mother. I get overwhelmed too. Its normal.

Mothers are more vulnerable.

I know you are anxious about losing your job. Remember that I lost mine when I was pregnant with Luis, our third child. I thought it was the end of my world. But now, I consider the loss as the best divine intervention ever. It lit up a spiritual renaissance in me.

I know you worry more than you should about the future. I have been there too, in the same boat as you. But all we have now is the present moment.

Let’s live in it.

I know you cannot make up your mind whether you should go back to work or be a full time mom. Neither profession appeals to you strongly. Remember to ask God what He wants especially with the care of your child. I believe that our children are our most valuable treasure. They would value what you teach them to value through your example and your life.

For them time = love.

They are definitely worth more than any high paying career.


I know you can get depressed. I understand that. I have my moments too. Many. Talk to someone. Call me. I am dying to hear from you. We don’t have to suffer alone and unnecessarily. There is comfort in our families and friends. Seek help. Go out. Your temperament cannot be confined in a single place. Make new friends. Everyone who loves you want you to be happy and at peace.

I know there are times when nothing seems to be going right. All I can say is “just breath”.

These too shall pass.

I know you don’t know what to do next with your life. Speak with God. Every day. Every minute. Every moment. He has all the perfect answers.

Always remember, you are loved for who you are.

Sing, enjoy and laugh. I love those about you. Fall in love over and over again. Relax. The baby will be alright. Trust me.


Let’s inspire each other to give ourselves more to our husbands, children, families and friends without counting the cost. Heaven is such a great prize.

Eternity awaits for mothers like us.

Me and Anton

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