My Secret Weapon

I was having a class that morning with the kids. Tatay offered to bring out Anton and Nina for a walk around the shop. I took a good look at Nina with mismatching socks, no pattern coordination between her dress and sweater plus her messy hairdo. What’s new?

2014-06-20 11.51.34

Me: Tatay, di kaya ma-fashion police si Nina? (Dad, don’t you think the fashion police might catch Nina)

Tatay: Ano yun? Meron ba nun dito? Bakit nila huhulihin si Nina? (Whats that? Do you have that here? Why would they catch Nina?)

Me: Yup they have fashion police here. Look at what she’s wearing!

Tatay: Eh ano bang pakialam nila. Yan ang gusto ni Nina na isuot!(Why should they care? That is what Nina wants to wear!)

I cannot tell you enough about Tatay. He is my labandero, errand man (paki bili nga ng luya, pakisundo si ganire) , comedic relief (daig pa si Dolphy humirit), coffee drinking buddy, baby sitter with an obvious favorite (calling Anton), Marie biscuit and M&M supplier to the kids (now you know why I find it hard to feed them during meal times), reliever when I’ve had enough of the children, substitute teacher when I have to go somewhere.

2014-06-17 15.04.24

He still checks his blood pressure religiously every morning though given the high stress environment he lives in.

Although I still can’t understand why he can’t stop laughing whenever he’s watching a Pacquiao boxing match or why he’s hungry every two hours or why his sentences are full of “ano” (“Rea, yung ano ni ano kailangan mong anuhin.”), he means a great deal to me.

2014-05-12 11.31.34

Elmer used to tell me that he married two of a kind since Tatay is with us. We think and feel alike. Like father like daughter. Good for us, my father is a saintly man.

2010-03-13 12.23.52

To my secret weapon, belated happy birthday, independence day and happy father’s day.

I cannot ask God for a better father.

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