How do you get dinner done?

 I don’t know how you do it.

I used to wish that I’ll have the kitchen locked out to myself and I can play whatever music I like when I’m pressed to cook dinner.

No squabbling kids around. No toddler trying to climb the kitchen top. No preschooler who gets so hungry before you even start cooking. No stubborn child examining the pantry for flour, sugar or whatever to spill.

I learned as I grew older. 

I have to embrace whatever is given to me. Meals end up tasting better that way.

 Lately, the four older kids are busy with something else.

2014-07-01 17.25.09

 But my Anton just has to be by my side during this time of the day. My baby who is hungry all the time.

How do I cook and take care of him at the same time?

I just let him be.

He plays with my sauces and oil.

He pretends cooking and uses my pots and pans.

He opens, closes and empties the cabinets.

He plays with the oven, dishwasher.

Of course my third eye at the back of my head is looking at him.

Kitchen is the place to be with Mommy. Mess is all around.

The best part is, he eats whatever I cook. He eats heaps. Not a word of complain.

White House Cafe

His latest casualty was my yellow, floral cake holder.  Good thing I only bought it for $4 from Vinnies.