Back to Reality

After a weekend of silence and solitude at idyllic Castlemaine, I went home to noise and chaos again. The contrast cannot be more striking.

Back to reality.

The girls waited for me and refused to sleep until I heard their stories. I happily obliged.

The boys gave me the tightest hugs when they woke up the following morning. Anton embraced me for a really long time. It was like telling me “Why did you leave me for so long?”.

I bought groceries right away. Replenishment ran out.

Cooked quick and easy meals.

Fed my sweethearts.

Tidied up a bit.

Then we were back to normal.

2014-07-28 15.11.30

My children’s laughter reverberated and filled my soul with joy.

2014-07-28 15.14.14

Seeing them enjoying each others’ company and so full of life  validated my choice to give up everything to be with them.

It is so worth it.

The charisma of silence and solitude failed in comparison to the happiness I felt amidst the noise and chaos.

2014-07-28 15.14.06

I love being back.

I love being a mother.

“Women are called to bring to the family, to society and to the Church, characteristics which are their own and which they alone can give: their gentle warmth and untiring generosity, their love for detail, their quick-wittedness and intuition, their simple and deep piety, their constancy. A woman’s femininity is genuine only if she is aware of the beauty of this contribution for which there is no substitute and if she incorporates it into her own life .”- St Josemaria Escriva