I Don’t Like Math

I don’t like Math.


The only reason why I ended up taking engineering and choosing a banking career is all because of Math. My best friend since grade school, Cyrene, is a math whiz and teacher. My mother used to multiply double digits in her head.  My affinity with Math runs deep.


Now I barely think about those triple integrals or square root of imaginary numbers. Not much application required at home.

However. Since I’ve introduced the topic of homeschooling, I wanted to share this online Math curriculum from Great Britain which runs from Prep to Year 9. Took me a bit of time to research it.

It’s called Mathematics Enhancement Programme.

It’s all free.

I like it because it teaches kids early on to analyze  (identifying unknown variables, solving inequalities, etc) and be logical thinkers (pattern recognition, counting in multiples, etc ). Critical analysis is given importance (tons of word problems which are appropriate to year level).

After all, Math is more than just about memorization.

Plus the curriculum is very systematic and structured. It is easy on the teachers too because everything is provided online.

Detailed lesson plans, practice books, solutions.


I’ve used the Year 1 curriculum for Sasha and Pio. So far so good.

The program only calls for addition/subtraction at this stage. But my kids surprisingly can do multiplication and a bit of division although I never really pushed it. I don’t see the burning need to rush Math.

They take the lead, I give guidance.

Works well.