What did I do wrong?

It was Friday evening, end of work week. I was at my wit’s end. Elmer knew that the children weren’t exactly at their best behavior that day.

So when he reached home, he gathered all the kids together. The story went like this:

Dad: (With serious look and face) Sasha say sorry to Mommy. What did you do wrong?
Sasha:(Obviously contrite) Sorry Mommy for fighting with Pio at the shops.
Dad: Pio say sorry to Mommy. What did you do wrong?
Pio: Sorry Mommy for not obeying.
Dad: Nina say sorry to Mommy.
Nina:(Suddenly burst into tears then hugged me tightly) Sorry Mommy!!!
Dad: What did you do wrong?
Nina:(Still in cry mode) I don’t know what I did wrong!@#$%!


On another occasion, one child, whose name shall not be mentioned, woke me and Anton from our nap with his loud voice.

2014-08-02 15.54.02

Mom: Say sorry to me and Anton, Sweetie.
Child: (About to cry) I am sorry Mommy.
Mom: What did you do wrong?

2014-07-15 13.46.21

Child: I am not going to tell you! Hahaha…


Whenever I check them sleeping at night, I also ask myself “What did I do wrong today?” Then I thank God that my children are still young and are still with us. Tomorrow, I will have many chances to make amends, to be more calm, to love with more tenderness.