It’s a Steal!

 Guess what?

Only after two years from purchase, we had to change our 6-seater dining set to an 8-seater. Not that we like it, we need it.

We’ve searched everywhere for big tables. These were not easy to find. If we found one we liked, it was out of our budget. A bit frustrating at times.

Then one fine Saturday morning, Elmer brought me to Early Settlers to look for a dining set.

2014-08-09 10.34.29

We’ve been there far too many times. I love their French provincial type furniture. Too pricey for me though.  But I still love checking what’s on sale and admiring the shop’s collection.

So we headed straight to the clearance section.  And there she was. This beautiful 8-seater set just waiting for us. It has “PICK-ME-UP” written all over it. We can tell its durable and will pass our children’s endurance test. We can add two more chairs if the family grows bigger.

We got it all for $650. Original price is around $2000!

2014-08-12 16.08.06

At the farthest end of the clearance section was a dark brown leather seat set (3-seater, 2-seater, 1-seater). I liked it but I know there is no way in the world we could afford it. No price tag yet.

Elmer asked for the price of the leather seats. We almost couldn’t believe our luck when the store manager said it was reduced to $150 from $3,000. It was a display set which got some bruises.

Who cares about bruises?

In short, we brought these babies home.

2014-08-12 16.08.47

2014-08-12 16.10.41

Good things happen to those who wait.

I’ve never seen Elmer that happy after a furniture purchase.


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