I don’t feel like…

I was readying myself for Mass when Sasha came into our room and comfortably laid down in bed.

Sasha: Mommy, I don’t feel like writing my journal nicely today. Is it fine if there are many mistakes and my handwriting is not nice?

Me: Sweetie, there are things in life that we have to do even if we don’t feel like it. That is what you call perseverance. We do things whether we find it easy or hard, whether it’s sunny or gloomy, whether it’s bright or dark, whether its a good or bad day. There are many things I don’t feel like doing some days but I still do them.

Sasha: But Mommy that’s all I can do.
Me: If that is the best you can do, it’s fine with me. Remember you are doing it for God.

Right before I stepped out of the door to go to church, Sasha called out to let me know that she has done her journal well and had moved on to reading her chapter book.

2014-07-15 13.46.15

Later in Mass, I prayed to God to never leave me alone and to help me persevere so that my children will learn from me.

After all, examples are the most powerful teachers.

And if I fail, which I always do, I asked for strength and the grace to begin again. Not later, not tomorrow but at that very moment.

Happy Feast Day of the Assumption.