Oooppsss! She did it again.

Nina has an interesting relationship with scissors.
You can give her scissors and paper and that will occupy her for hours.
However, there are times, many to mention, when she unconsciously cut things.
Things like her gloves, her pants, her sister’s dress, her blanket.

The most horrifying for me was when she cut her hair. Twice!

2014-08-26 14.55.39

I thought I’ve seen the worst until last week. I first saw Nina while she was eating breakfast after I heard Mass.

At first glance there was something not quite right. Then I looked closer. There were holes in her eyebrows.

Whatever peace I acquired in Mass was gone in 60 seconds.

She cut her eyebrows!

2014-08-29 14.24.04

It’s a good thing she has thick ones.

Note to self: Don’t ever leave Nina unsupervised with scissors.