Morning Rush No More

One of the perks of homeschooling for us is saying goodbye to the “morning rush”. To push out the children off the door to get in time to school.

Those were horrible periods. Terrible.

No matter how much we prepared the night before, we always ended up late for school. Either a missing shoe, a misplaced show-and-tell, a reluctant preschooler who did everything not to leave the house. You name it, it happened.

Flying off the handle was too common. Then I felt absolutely bad afterwards. I was torn.

Now, I’m singing a different tune.

I prepare breakfast leisurely with one of the kids helping me out. We have a  kitchen roster. I thought they wouldn’t like the idea but much to my surprised they looked forward to their kitchen day.

2014-08-22 11.03.00

After sharing breakfast together, we tidy up a bit and start our lessons. Just like that.

No hurrying around, no big time yelling, no red carpet dramas.

I found this completely liberating.


I think it is important that I stay calm as a mother. They will learn more with joy that way while I make the most out of my day. I found it hard to maintain God’s presence when my soul is jittery.

I cooked Matt Moran’s ricotta doughnuts while Sasha fried the bacon today.

2014-09-12 07.42.22

It was so good. Try it.

2014-09-12 07.35.13