Isn’t she lovely?

Nina has been tickling me this week.

2014-09-15 16.13.53

I don’t know if its her sweet face or her honest to goodness interest in helping me out in the kitchen. She devours cook books to amuse herself.

2014-09-15 16.11.30

She is your typical 4-year old girl. She is not perfect, she has her moments. She still wears her shoes baliktad (the other way around), needs follow through with her meals, can’t keep her artwork in one place.

But she has the most enjoyable laughter of all.

Bigay na bigay.

2014-09-15 17.30.17

She said she wants to be a chef!

I love that.

2014-09-15 16.03.55

Can’t have enough of my sweetheart.