Best Comfort Food: Chicken Arroz Caldo

I realize that I crave for Filipino food when I’m really down and low. Nothing like the warm and carefree memories of your childhood to cheer you up when the weather has been cold and gray for weeks.

I’ve cooked lugaw (porridge) for dinner too many times. Each time I found my recipe, passed down my my yayas, a bit boring. But the kids still eat it though.

Until I got really bored and made a little research. Thanks to Jun Belen for this fantastic Chicken Arroz Caldo recipe. This is an 8/8. Everyone raved about it.

2014-09-17 17.39.52

I doubled the recipe and added century eggs and fried bean curd available in my pantry.

 It was delicious. I was delirious.

Finally, I can eat the porridge which I cooked.