Little Piece of Heaven

I write this journal while we listen to Sasha reading aloud Frances Hodgson Burnett’s the Secret Garden.

I love hearing her sweet voice.

2014-09-26 09.36.56

I was just thinking about homeschooling last night and how close we are to the end of our school year, just two weeks away.  Wow!

I cannot thank homeschooling enough for saving me from my least favorite job. I used to spend at least an hour at night to prepare and pack 4 lunches. I dreaded that time of the day.

God heard my pleas and freed up 5 hours every week to spend on other worthwhile activities with the kids like baking/cooking and have more rewarding ME-Time at day end.

We all eat lunch together now. All happily filled and full.

2014-09-18 09.02.41

I believe every busy mom deserves a little piece of heaven every day.

I got mine.