A Love Story

 LuNa sharing their YanYan with each other to amuse themselves while waiting at the Chemist shop.

2014-09-27 14.43.16

 If there was one thing I Iearned about LuNa (Luis and Nina), it is not to take their fights seriously or else I’ll lose my mind.

Seriously. They are like a couple. Drama is endless.

2014-09-27 14.43.12

In Sasha’s words “They just fight, laugh, hug & kiss then do it again”.

2014-09-27 14.43.02

I have not seen a similar dynamics with the rest of my children. They are the worst of enemies yet the best of friends.

2014-09-27 14.42.57

 They play and relate best with each other. Maybe because of the proximity of their ages. They were born less than 14 months apart. Or maybe not. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

2014-09-27 14.42.56

 But I am happy that they have each other.

2014-09-27 14.42.54

Their love make our world go round.