We All Need Help

Two days ago, my Indian friend and neighbor volunteered to look after my 4 children. It was mainstream school holidays so their only child, Jane, was at home. She feels that I should get a bit of rest.

We often babysit Jane on Saturdays when both parents have to work. Jane comes to our house, sometimes, after school and play with the kids while her mom goes grocery shopping.

So that fine Monday afternoon, four kids were out of the house. Tatay and Anton slept for hours. I also had a good nap.  I have been dreaming of baking ensaymada for a long time now.

So I finally did.

2014-09-29 19.22.15

Then I picked up the kids. My poor neighbor looked so harassed but not a word of complain about my kids. She volunteered to look after my kids again. Don’t you just love her?

Well, I do.

The ensaymada turned out well. If you were to ask me, they tasted more like monay than a sponge bread. But the men and the kids in the house didn’t mind the difference. Gone in less than 24 hours.

2014-09-29 19.24.35

I am looking forward to baking more breads and to more family bonding with our kind neighbors.