Life As We Know It

I have not been my usual self for weeks.
My body’s aching, my mind’s swirling all the time.
If I can stay the whole day curled up in bed, I would.

Everybody hurts sometimes.

But the children need their mother,

more than any one else.
And I need them.
They help me not to dwell too much on my hurts.

2014-09-01 17.07.41

They take me out of my own selfishness.
They clear off my mind.
They give me enough reasons not to stay in that bed.

I have realized time and again that children are the best gifts God can bless any couple with. Not only because each child is priceless. But they teach you to love like no one else can.

Sure. There are sacrifices involved. Massive.
But the rewards are immeasurable. How sweet heaven will be here on earth.

Suddenly, I don’t feel my pains anymore.

Thanks be to God.