Homeschooling: Where to Start?

If there is one costly thing I’ve learned, it is pointless buying expensive packaged curriculum if you can customize your own. Many good information are available for free and online. I started homeschooling trying to marry the Ambleside Online with Mater Amabilis curricula because I wanted a solid Catholic education and one which has tons of nature study.

After almost a year of teaching the kids, learning through the ropes, assessing my students’ interests and aptitudes, managing burn-out, I have designed the following curriculum for our 2015 school year.

Anton: what can I do Mommy?

Anton: what can I do Mommy?

We will be using Faith and Life Series for Catechism and Catholic Mosaic by Cay Gibson for the lives of saints.
I love Math Enhancement Programme. We will definitely stick to it.
We will use Mountains and Volcanoes by Barbara Taylor for Geography, Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock for Nature Study and Home Science Adventures for experiments at home.
I’ve fallen in love with Susan Wise Bauer so we will definitely carry on with the Story of the World Series. She makes history such an interesting read. My children read her book for leisure.
We will be using First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise for Grammar, Writing with Ease by Susan Wise Bauer for Creative Writing and Classic books on the Ambleside Online’s book list for Literature.
Cooking, baking, household chores, caring for younger siblings, etc by Mommy.
Ang kulet ni Luis.

Ang kulet ni Luis.


We will still use Victorian Targeting Handwriting Series since we are based in Melbourne.
We will continue using Artistic Pursuits. There is no need to enroll them in expensive arts classes if you will use this one.
Haba nguso ni Nina

Haba nguso ni Nina

We have enrolled the kids in Victorian School of Languages to learn Mandarin. It costs $40 per child/year.
Elmer is their PE teacher. They just learned two-wheel biking this year. They are into basketball now. If everything goes well, I’ll be teaching them swimming this summer.
Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!