This One’s For Keeps

He doesn’t like it whenever I write about him. But I have to give you at least a faint idea of my other half, the better half

He’s the private part of my life.

 My financier. I don’t even care to carry a bag or wallet when I’m with him. All expense paid.

I can’t wait for a day to end because that is the time he reaches home. Suddenly, our children start to behave like angels. After sharing a noisy meal with us, he rolls up his sleeves and takes full charge of the kids.

He gives me weekends off or at least takes the kids to neverland so the lady of the house can rest.

He spends the rest of his evenings with me. Talking about our day, laughing about some naughty kid, helping me in the kitchen, having  wine and cheese, giving each other a massage.

I always look forward to our Fridates.

He makes me happy. Very. Those little things he does.

I never really imagined he will turn out this way when I saw him again in Singapore that blessed evening of February 2006. I was nervous yet excited beyond my imagination.


Boat Quay, Singapore: First time we met again after not seeing each other for 2 years.

He is everything I ever wanted and more.

Now you know why we have many children.

Elmer is such a gorgeous soul.