There’s a time for everything

 I’ve waited ten years to learn how to knit.

I started getting interested in it when I moved to Singapore. I had so much time in my hands during weekends. I bought books, yarns and needles. The works. But I couldn’t figure it out even if I read the books over and over again.

Finally, I enrolled in a knitting class for beginners with Classie. The teacher was a 26 year old knitter by day, bartender by night. I was nervous doing the first few knots then I found myself eventually enjoying it. It was actually soothing. Three hours passed just like that.

2014-10-04 16.08.47

 I loved the venue too, the Provincial at Fitzroy. So shabby chic style.

2014-10-04 16.45.19

 Indeed. You can have everything in life not just all at once.

My children pushed me this time to learn how to knit because they want me to teach them. We knitted together last Sunday. It’s a special bonding time for us. I’m planning of knitting with them again this coming weekend.

Truly, good things happen to those who wait.