Ten Things I Hate About Mr Yu

Post taken and revised from the Best of Chronicles of Rea.

Shots were from our last European escapade in 2011. (Sana maulit muli).

Elmer and I don’t feel like we’ve been married for eight years. We feel we’ve been married longer than that. True.

While most marriages are breaking apart after five years. I think ours is just getting more exciting. I’ve often wondered why we are so happy together even after countless children in a row. Most people would think that we have barely time for each other. The truth of the matter is that the more children we have, the more we try to find that time for each other.

Being together became our solace and our strength. I think God made it that way.

DSC_0163 (3)

Statue of St Josemaria Escriva, Pamplona Spain

But before you think we are such a perfect couple, allow me to let you into some secrets…drum rolls please…

1. Elmer is such a wonderful saver. And I’m such a happy spender. What a clash isn’t it? What do you expect if you married a typical, practical Chinese. And I’m a typical Filipino who does not worry about the future. “Bahala na si God”. He taught me how to value money. He told me that it is not how much you earn but how much you save. True enough. His savvy saving skills have helped us through the worst financial crisis of all times! We still manage to run our household with just one income, 5 children and 1 more baby on the way.

2. Elmer is such an intense person. I thought I was already determined and focused until I met and lived with this man. Isn’t it obvious? Look at the number of children we have and the spacing between them. He loves a good challenge. He is the kind of person who grows bigger when faced with obstacles.

3. Elmer is tireless. Period. He works like a dog like the Beatles. I want as much sleep, rest and quiet time as I can have. Remember the temperaments? He sleeps the last and wakes up the first. I don’t know how he does that. But he lets me be. All these children bickering in the house have been draining my batteries.

DSC_0199 (3)

Lunch at Barcelona Spain

4. Elmer loves a good hug. While I enjoy a lovely conversation. Matchless. Sometimes he has to remind me to hug him back. How insensitive of me right? But I do not mean that. Maybe its in my genes. I can always blame it on my poor father.

5. Elmer loves to compare prices. He gets a high for getting the best price for a buy. He is not a procurement expert for nothing. He does the grocery, shopping and accounting for the house. Anything related to finances is handled by my hubby. Isn’t that ironic that I was the bloody banker? As for me, I don’t enjoy shopping or hopping around. I just want to go to one shop or store where I always go. Hopeless isn’t it?

DSC_0648 (2)

Laduree, Paris France

6. Elmer will accomplish a task the moment you give it to him. So if you want something done, go to Elmer. I still have problems remembering the things I have to do for the next hour. Once my father asked me to rebook his flight back home. I think he has been telling me that over and over again for a month. Until my father got tired then just mentioned the change of booking to Elmer. Immediately, he was off to Manila. I find all sorts of excuses to not doing the things which I have to do. But I really find it difficult to remember things that well after the anesthesia which I got during the deliveries. See. I’m making an excuse again.

7. Elmer loves to call or text his mother (widowed) and siblings whenever he can. I still struggle to call mine. I love that about Elmer. He makes sure you feel important and loved. He is very good in remembering dates and special occasions. I still miss my friends’ birthdays by a day or two. Forgive me.


Dinner at Paris

8. Elmer takes a long time to decide while I’m very decisive. This is the reason why it took him 7 years to court me. Kidding aside. He’s very careful and mindful in making decisions that it will probably take him 3 more children to make up his mind. While I’m the Mrs Decisive type. I like to decide quickly and move on to the next step. If I like something, I will really go for it.

9. There are a thousand little things about us too which are quite contrasting. He loves Chinese food, while I prefer Western. He likes to watch while I like to read.  He likes to finish whatever he has on his to do list while I like to play it by the ear. He is a type A personality while I’m more lets do it when I have time or if I remember it. He’s flexible while I need a schedule. He’s an introvert while I’m more of the people person.

10. But the most important thing of all is… Elmer loves me heaps. I cannot measure up to it. But I am always infinitely grateful to and for him, for the way he makes me feel. I feel loved, I feel needed and I feel special like I’m the most special woman in the world. Hats off!

DSC_0241 (2)

Summit Eiffel Tower, Paris France