12 Weeks and Counting

Elmer and Sasha joined me for our baby’s 12th week scan last week. We’ve never heard the baby’s heartbeat prior to that. I was a bit nervous because of a previous miscarriage.

Here’s a snapshot of what happened:

Radiographer: You can just sit down and watch the big screen up there while I perform the scan.

Andrea: Oh wow! The baby is so big now. Is there a heartbeat?

Radiographer: Yes. Baby’s actually 14 weeks and 2 days according to my measurement not 12 weeks as per your LMP.

Sasha: (in her loud and excited voice) The baby is sooooo cute. Is she a girl? Oh look Mommy baby is turning around. (Then giggles. She kept on commenting the whole time).

Radiographer: Can you tell her to keep quiet because I can’t concentrate?

Andrea: Sweetie please zip your mouth and give me the key.

Sasha: (Started to pout and kept quiet for a while).

Suddenly, we heard someone snoring. Guess who?

Now you know that if it’s your 6th baby, your husband comfortable dozes off to sleep.

Well and good.

But I’m happy. Baby is alive and kicking… Due in April.