Almost Made It

We celebrated the Melbourne Cup holiday with a bang. Trust my sister in law, Karen, to give us one heck of a treat for the back to back birthday celebration of their sons, Austin and Jude.

It started with lunch at La Porchetta and ended with dinner at my in laws’ place. There was a swimming escapade in between.

My sister in law saved me from a lot of troubles that day. I didn’t have to cook or tidy up the house. I got to mingle with mothers like me too.

We were all very happy at day end. The children were beyond exhaustion after swimming the whole afternoon.

This boy barely made it to bed.

2014-11-04 21.45.05

My husband was a similar case. Too wasted looking after the kids in a pool packed with people. He fell asleep praying while I was giving him a foot massage.

2014-11-04 23.02.39

 I told you I married a saint.