This is what I have been waiting for…

 I never thought the day would come when my morning sickness will end. I mean this last one had been pretty nasty. It took out the life in me.

All of a sudden, I started to feel good this week. Really good.

Little things which used to give me joy started to be delightful again.

Like plump yellow mangoes in season brightening my kitchen (well not for long).

2014-11-05 13.48.27

Cooking is pleasurable again and less of a dragging chore.

2014-11-07 17.30.02

Anton napping on my bed wearing his summer clothes becomes a novelty. Too cute.

2014-11-07 14.41.48

Nina, Oh Nina. She takes my breath away.

2014-11-09 16.13.30

This exquisite bouquet of flowers has been adorning my kitchen this week.

2014-11-09 18.01.08

Our children’s laughter is filling up my soul with gratitude.

Life is blissful again.