Newsflash: Baby #6 is a ….

The girls wanted a girl. The boys wanted a boy. Naturally.

Well, I wanted a girl. Not that it will make the house any quieter or neater. Somehow having that balance is nice.

After 20 minutes into my 20-week ultrasound scan, I saw a mini leg in between two long legs. Needless to say, I found out on my own. We are having a boy!

2014-12-08 15.47.53

I can’t stop laughing. We’ve come up with girls’ names but are clueless with what to name a boy. Nicolas, Benjamin, Marco, Gabriel… Still deliberating….

Elmer was at work and can’t stop calling me while I was having the scan. Well at least he got the gender right. He wanted a boy after all.

Now when I broke the news to the chickens, half of them were ecstatic, the rest were heartbroken. In Nina’s crying voice “Mommy, can you have another baby soon. I want a girl!!!”.

Oh dear!

I am just praying that at least one of these rowdy boys turns into a priest someday.