All Beauty and Sweetness

We are celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day today. I just read a book about her by Tomie dePaola to the kids. Then Sasha painted this beautiful image of Our Lady.

2014-12-10 16.30.52

 I have an image of her in my room which I got from my mother. I feel safe around her. She has done countless favors for me.

our lady

There was a time when I was burning hot with fever and was too weak to attend to anyone. I heard Anton, still a newborn then, crying at night and Elmer was at the kitchen unaware of the baby in need. I mustered enough strength to stand up and sooth the baby. While I was putting Anton back to sleep, I smelled the sweetest and most beautiful floral scent. Not long after that, Anton easily went back to sleep. I knew it was Our Lady who was trying to comfort me and assuring me know that she was around, that I was never alone.