Nature Trip @ Home

┬áBefore I got pregnant, I usually bring out the kids once a week for a walk to the woods, to the park or nearby library. Five months later, I’m feeling a magnetic inertia to just stay at home. Must be age catching up.

Since I was too lazy to go out, I let the kids play at the front lawn after lunch. That summer day weather was perfect. They climbed trees, raked leaves, collected branches, pretended to be in wonderland while I sipped coffee and read a magazine.

2014-12-15 12.41.12

I had a great time. The kids had a blast too.

Of course every good thing has to end. That meant Nina falling off one of those trees. She was hysterical more out of shock than due to any catastrophic injury. She just had minor scratches. All part of growing up.

2014-12-12 13.34.41

I wish this type of summer weather extends forever.