There’s a fruit tree in our garden. It’s been giving us plenty of this somehow smooth peach-looking produce. I never really bothered to try nor give it a second look. So did the kids. Two summer hence, it bloomed fresh fruits again. People started asking for some. There was this lady who purposely stopped by with her car to try the fruit. She said she has never seen that fruit of that size.

2014-12-16 10.02.19

We always tell them to get as much as they want.

All these intrigued me. I am not one who is adventurous enough to try new fruits. I grew up eating my Lola’s mansanitas, duhat, kamias and bayabas. That’s it.

So one morning, Snow White finally took a bite. I actually liked it. The children followed suit. I can’t believe we left it the birds to consume this $5.50 per kilo fruit.

Nectarines. I am happy to meet you.

2014-12-16 10.01.53