My Real Christmas Wish

Sometimes you get swayed and wrapped up by all the rush around you. Shopping for gifts, dinner parties, holiday trips, Christmas meal preparation, etc…

The older I get, the more I realize that Christmas is not about the gifts we receive much more the presents we give.

I think it is about giving up a part of ourselves, even just a little, for that One Man who has given everything for me. Maybe not snapping when the children are getting out of control or waking up on time or drinking less coffee or spending less screen time.

Christmas is a gift of self, just as it has always been.

The kids asked me what gifts will I give them this Christmas. I ask them back, “What gifts will you give to Jesus first? It’s his birthday right?”.

I believe its important to make children ponder about the real reason for this season, not just make them take in things.


Happy birthday Jesus.

You have made my life worthwhile.


This is not an Ad.

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 My sister, Ann, and her team are not getting any break. Ready to serve.


Ann with the kids.