The Heat is On

If there is something I dread more than the low, single digit temperature of winter, it’s the high 40’s of summer. I mean its really hot! I grew up in the tropics but there was nothing which prepared me for this.

So instead of whining and keeping ourselves locked up in the kitchen or the dining room (living room was under renovation then, second floor was as hot as outside) I brought the kids to the nearby library. Full blast air condition for free. Books are all over. Enough bean bags which makes reading doubly pleasurable.

It was just me and the kids there for most of the afternoon. I wonder where the rest of the people were.

2014-07-15 13.11.49

The children got bored after two hours so I decided to bring them to the mall. We ended up sharing a cup of Max Brenner’s Brownie Sundae (double chocolate ice cream scoops, choc-nut fudge brownie chunks, caramelised pecans served with crunchy waffle balls and pure melted chocolate).

Let’s just say it took the kids longer to wait for the sundae than to finish it all off.

2015-01-02 16.40.51

I couldn’t blame them. It was pure chocolate indulgence.

The best part of the day for the kids was when they all got to sleep in our room (the only room with air conditioning unit). It was so cute seeing all the kids together asleep.

2015-01-02 23.01.33