The One Thing I Can’t Do Without: Quiet Time

I must admit that being a stay-home mom is pretty full-on especially if most of your kids are below the age of reason.

How do we manage?

We discovered this wonderful thing which we call Quiet Time. We have at least 2 hours in the afternoon just to ourselves, doing what we prefer to do. The catch is we have to do it quietly in our respective rooms. No tv or iPad or any screens allowed.

The boys look forward to this time when they can assemble Legos, write books, disassemble gadgets, break their room apart, make manuals for buildings, draw our house and diagrams of how things like air con or heater operates.

2014-08-18 15.04.18 2014-08-18 15.04.12

Girls usually spend this time making arts, making their nails, making lots of cut- outs and making tons of kalat. They always have pretend plays like being Elsa and Anna, mom & baby, etc. Majority of their time are spent reading books.

2015-01-18 15.22.21

While the Queen takes her much needed nap with Anton.

2014-12-11 15.57.48

Or I sneak out to take a quick stroll at the shop or have that cappuccino at the nearby cafe. I also take this window of Me-time to pray.

2015-01-16 14.09.32

I wake up refreshed and all set to face the rest of the day. Dinner becomes something I look forward to making and sharing with the family.

I know that no matter how difficult or stressful my morning will be or if I didn’t sleep well at night, I can always look forward to Quiet Time, the luxury I could never afford when I was working in the bank.


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