Market Lane Coffee Break

 It was a long week. It was a long day.

So when my brother in law put up his hand to look after our chickens, we decided to head off to Queen Victoria Market for a breather before we head off to our friend’s twins baptism at St Mary Star of the Sea.

Padre Coffee was closed. Most of the cafes were closed. It was close to 4 pm, Saturday. Providentially, we chanced upon Market Lane Coffee just across QVM. I’ve always wanted to try it but it was always full of people.


Not that particular afternoon. Thanks be to God.


Elmer and I had a bench to ourselves. I was able to stretch out my worn-out legs and share a cuppa with the Captain. As usual, we talked about our funny chickens.


If you are not with them, you end up talking about them.

Anton, the only chick left with us, completely cooperated by dozing off to sleep.


Splendid! Just what I needed.