You have to do what you have to do

Sometimes the children let me be while I prepare dinner. They are busy somewhere else. These are very enjoyable times for me. Just me and that simmering pot or roasting pork.

There are times when they refuse to leave the kitchen even if I am pressed for time. They want
their mom which is perfectly understandable.

So one day, the kitchen top ended looking like this with my gadget-geek Luis figuring out how to decode my password.

2015-01-05 18.08.00

And Anton cooking something special for me on the floor.

2015-01-05 18.07.56

Still, we managed to pull out a nice dinner on time.

Baked Ziti

2015-01-05 18.26.01

Cesar Salad Supreme

2015-01-05 18.26.03

Apple Crumble

2015-01-07 18.42.37

A mom has to do what she has to do.

The apple crumble was amazing!