Silent Retreat: The Ultimate Treat

Written last Friday, on my way to the retreat.

I am just waiting for the train to Bendigo.

Silent retreat. This is the ultimate treat. Just God and I for two days.


Before I left, I managed to do some stuff which will tie in the Captain and the crew until my return:

Morning walk with the kids before I left

Morning walk with the kids before I left

Prepare and cook meals for 3 days. Check.
Make sure kids folded and delivered basket full of clothes. Check.
Tidy up the bedrooms. Check.
Clean bathrooms. Check.
Clear some of Tatay’s paperwork. Check.
Give kids literary books to read. Check.
Write a love letter to the Captain. Check.

It’s always hard to leave the family behind especially with the children’s young ages. But a retreat silences out the inessentials and gives you that much needed peace of soul.

There is nothing like it.