Out-of-Office Menu

I was out of the house, my office, for about 3 days. I know I will be restless unless I know my loved ones will be well fed.

So here’s what I  prepared before I went OOF:

Baked eggs with spinach and yoghurt. To be serve with sourdough bread.

2015-02-27 08.05.41

Banana with chocolate chips bread

2015-02-27 09.12.32

Slow cooked pot roast in mushroom sauce. To be served with baby onion pickles.

Salmon cutlets marinated in sweet-soy sauce. To be grilled.

Never-fail Lumpiang Shanghai. To be fried.
Whatever was left

Kids having a picnic at the living room

Kids having a picnic at the living room

Fab! I can move on now.