Best Parenting Book: God and Children

I was just telling my sister-in-law, Karen, how much I love Jesus Urteaga’s book, God and Children. I first read it after we had our second child. I’m reading it again now that I’m expecting the sixth child. It remains to have that profound and sublime effect on you as a mother.


It is probably the best parenting book I’ve encountered. It is an indispensable spiritual reading book as well for any mother or parent who honestly wants to live an authentic Christian life.

I quote one of the passages on the chapter, Heroism of Parents:-

Mothers, do not complain. Here is St Teresa’s advice:

The continual moanings which we make about trifling ailments… seem to me a sign of imperfection: if you can bear a thing, say nothing about it. When the ailment is serious, it proclaims itself… Do not think of complaining about the weaknesses and minor ailments from which women suffer… Unless you get rid of the habit of talking about them and complaining of everything (except to God) you will never come to the end of them… Learn to suffer a little for the love of God without telling everyone about it.

Very well said, point taken.