Term Breaker

We just finished 2 weeks of term break. I love term breaks because everything becomes spontaneous, fluid.

No schedules.

For the first week, the kids were given the chance to do everything they want to do. That meant reading for hours for Sasha, building complicated Lego machines for Pio (also for hours), biking and outdoor activities for Luis, arts and pretend plays for Nina and tons of Peppa Pig for Anton.

While I took cat naps here and there. There is nothing like catching a nap at 10 am!

2015-03-01 20.20.12

For the second week, the troop went for swimming and tennis with the Captain and their cousins, Clare and Jacob.

I attended my annual retreat. Went home inspired and rested.

Then, I decided to take the kids on a date.

2015-03-04 10.20.19

And squeezed a night out with the Captain.

2015-03-06 21.57.02

 The term break ended on Labor Day. We spent the whole day at the park with family friends.

Now I finally figured why I’m struggling during our first week of Term 2. Bad case of holiday hang over…