Home Alone

Elmer took the whole troop out last Sunday to play tennis while Tatay went out for his day-off. I was left at home. Alone.

What a treat!

Guess what any mother with many children will do when left alone?

General cleaning.

Yes, what else can we do?

I cleaned cabinets which I never dared to open before. I sorted out boxes of children’s clothes. I cleaned our bedrooms. I prepared burritos for Labor Day’s picnic at the park the following day. I slept and read a magazine in the midst of the clean-up. Then, I sanitized the bathrooms. I tidied up the classroom in time for Term 2.

It felt good afterwards. Really.

Can you spot my bulging tummy?

Can you spot my bulging tummy?

Only, I ended up with painful contractions afterwards and a bad case of reprimand from my GP.

34 weeks and counting. Still not ready to give birth but feeling too heavy at this stage.