Loosen Up

Suddenly found myself getting overwhelmed last Thursday. Maybe it’s the impending birth of no 6, maybe the children were noisier than I can tolerate that moment or maybe it’s just me and my bizarre hormones.

So instead of losing my temper, I kindly asked Tatay if he can mind the children while I go out for some time off.

So off I went.

2015-03-12 14.22.01

 I had latte alfresco at Black Flat Coffee. I went through what happened through the week, through my day.

I figured, I need time like this which I never really had the past week. I need ME time. I can’t be with the children all the time. I need to get out of the house.

I need time to reflect. It goes with my temperament.

At the end of that afternoon, I found myself purchasing a Glasshouse diffuser.

2015-03-12 16.41.49

I love how my living room is smelling right now.

I’m happy to be back home as well.