Meet the Substitutes

I have two substitute teachers, my father and the Captain.

They are great.

When I have to go somewhere else or finish some housework, they substitute for me.

My father is fantastic when it comes to literature. But I will never entrust Math to him. He managed to brainwash Sasha that Math is very difficult and it is reserved for those who want to take up engineering.

Not that I’m complaining.

Now my witty Sasha uses this argument with me whenever she doesn’t want to solve her Math problems.

Lolo (Grandpa) said that Math is hard and I don’t think I’ll need it since I will be an artist and not an engineer”.


Maybe this child didn’t need any Math brainwashing after all. This is a terrible blow to her Math-nerd mom.


I can always rely on my husband to help me with Math.

But you can never rely on the Captain for literature, history or anything which requires reading.

The Captain finds reading tormenting. He’s a very visual person. Texts and words lull him. So he’ll end up reading 2 sentences and will pass on the book to whomever he thinks is not paying attention for that child to read.

Not that I’m complaining.

Look at what’s happening here: Guess?

2015-03-18 20.12.51

Sasha reading aloud the history book prior to Family Prayer time while the rest were engrossed in reading the new oven’s instruction manual. Someone called the Captain and he switched off.

Homeschooling really rocks. What a party.