End of Week Memoir

Big families require hard work. Tons of it.

Not that I think small families are easy peasy. Far from it. I kept on harping that I was more stressed when we had two kids. I still believe in that no matter how much my father reprimands me, during stressful times, for having more than 5.

He loves the kids just the same.


Tatay with Luis

I love staying at home. I love being with the kids even though at times you want to send them to a month-long camp. Is there any such thing which is affordable? Ha!

I love the rhythm which homeschooling gives us not to mention the flexibility it allows. I’m learning more and more that the curriculum should adjust to our needs and not our needs to adjust to the curriculum. Not easy for a control freak like me.

2015-03-04 10.20.19

Date with Sasha and Luis

Say I’m only a month away from giving birth and I’m feeling the weight of the world right now. I don’t have to restrict myself from keeping to a fixed outline. I will go mad. I have actually gone mad. My angel kept on putting me back together. I learned that now is the time to take it easy and let the children do more reading and writing on their own. I have the rest of the year to pick up.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Then I look forward to Friday, just like today. When I can already touch the weekend and the Captain will be around.

He spoils me. He lets me do whatever I want to do. He let me take naps while he brings the chickens wherever he can bring them. Last week he brought me to the city just to have a late lunch at Auction Rooms.

auction rooms

I felt utterly rewarded. I am a queen after all.