Heaven Scent

Really, nothing delights me more sometimes than the sweet, embracing scent of a newly baked bread lingering all around the house.

Just baked banana bread because (1) Luis asked me to, (2) Tatay loves it, (3) I have super ripe bananas on my kitchen counter and (4) I’ve been dying to try our new oven.

2015-03-21 15.50.23

Yes. Our oven broke down last week. We’ve actually inherited it from the previous owner of the house. I don’t know if its old or if I overused it or Anton tickled the knobs too much.

Anything is possible in this house.

I was a bit lost without an oven. Couldn’t bake, couldn’t roast.

But it’s a good Lenten sacrifice. Great for my soul.

The Captain couldn’t take my misery and bought a new one (Omega). It’s too good I couldn’t remember how to operate it so I’ve asked the Captain to teach my budding electrician, Luis.

See how I get my way?

2015-03-21 15.52.56

I’ll be boiling water for my merienda soon. Nothing like super hot coffee with this this scrumptious treat.

Come and join me. The kids are out with the Captain.

2015-03-21 17.09.22