Everybody Loves Anton

There is something about Anton which is naturally pleasing. I don’t know if it’s his easy going and relaxed temperament or his ability to make fun of himself or his remarkable communication skills or high tolerance for pain.

Natatawa lang pag nauntog or nadapa.

Of all our boys, he is not as terrible as the others when they were 2. In a scale of 1- 10 (being the highest), he’s about 4, the other two boys were 20!

I’m not even exaggerating. Okay, maybe I am. But I think you got the point right?

He doesn’t demand so much except when his hungry or sleepy, of course. He sleeps when you ask him to sleep.

He eats all sorts of fruits – apple, banana, blueberry, peach, pear, melon, mango, grapes, what have you’s. He prefer fruit for his first meal of the day.

2015-02-25 07.29.35

 He is the favorite toy of his siblings because he lets them do whatever they want to do with him.

2015-03-05 10.50.17

 The Captain talks very fondly of him.

2015-02-22 15.43.04

 I don’t even have to tell you how my father treats this boy. Enough to say that only Anton has exclusive access to his bedroom.

2015-03-19 08.22.13

I bet Anton will have the biggest inheritance of all.

I pray and hope he stays this way.

Cheeky boy.