Black Flat Coffee and Me

I wish I own this cafe.

Black Flat Coffee Brewers.

Everything is optimized, well designed. Warmly decorated with old, refurbished furniture. Two staff. It can’t be bigger than a 3×3 sq m shop. Right next to the Glen Waverley train station. Traffic is superb. Pastries are freshly made, outsourced.  They make hot panini.  The best part is, they serve Axil Coffee.

No need to travel far to get a cuppa of good quality, local Melbourne coffee.

2015-03-28 11.28.57

 Just spent Saturday morning here with the Captain.

Good ambiance, great coffee with the best company.

One day, I will own something like this. Maybe when the kids are bigger. They can even help me run it. Exciting.

God willing.