Creativity Needs Freedom

I fell asleep on the girls bed. It’s a double layer bed. I happened to nap at the bottom one.

When I woke up, I saw these:

2015-03-28 16.39.10

 A journal entry of a girl about how hot that summer day was.

It was so hot it felt like we were boiling…

There was another journal entry about a doll which their Lolo bought them and how pretty her hair was.

Yesterday, I learned how to make braids and I styled my barbie’s hair.

And this…

2015-03-28 16.39.31

 I always tell them to only write on paper. Hello neat-freak mom?!? On the other hand, I’ve highly encouraged them to write. I guess I should just let it pass. They have to express themselves in one way or another.

Creativity needs freedom.