The Date Story

We dropped the kids at the center to spend the whole day there.

He asked me out for lunch. Wherever I fancy.

Of course it has to be …

2015-04-09 12.24.08

He had Pulled Pork Burger and I had Zucchini and Corn Fritters. Check out their autumn menu.

2015-04-09 11.48.40

 I had to have those splendid and dreamy chocolate cupcake and latte.

2015-04-09 12.10.55

Everything was absolutely …

2015-04-09 12.22.02

Then we drove to my GP for my weekly pregnancy check up. Baby is well-positioned now. Thanks be to God.

2015-04-09 12.23.49

Ended the day with a pilgrimage at Our Lady of Victories.

2015-04-09 11.45.58

I can never ask for a better date.

He is gorgeous. In every way.