On a Roll: Soft Ensaymada with Buttercream Frosting

Told you I can’t stop baking breads.

I wanted to eat Ensaymada for the longest time.

Guess what? I finally made it. I cannot be happier that Saturday evening.

I didn’t only try My Fresha-licious’ recipe.  I doubled it. Too brave for a first timer. I was praying the whole time that it turns out nice or else I have to throw everything into the bin. What a dramatic waste!

2015-04-18 16.41.04

My angel must have saved me because the Ensaymada turned out as I imagined it to be.

Creamy. Soft. Yummy.

2015-04-18 21.24.39

You have to mortify yourself from eating another one. At least for me.

The rolls got baked right after our family rosary so the children all had supper that evening. They were as ecstatic as I am. Never thought freshly-made bread could have such a wonderful effect on the family.

2015-04-18 21.28.39

I had every intention of sharing the Ensaymada with our 80-year old neighbor, my in-laws and any one who likes it. That is the reason why I boldy doubled the recipe.

Joys are multiplied when shared.

2015-04-18 21.22.53

 Our share was gone is less than a day. I’m planning to make it again. Instead of butter-cream and salted egg for toppings, I’ll try ube-macapuno.

I can’t stop myself from dreaming.