Why I Stopped Malling

I veered away from malls since we moved to Australia. Not that I never liked (window) shopping. Growing up, it was the next best thing to watching movies.

Then we started to have children. Thankfully many. Going to malls turned into a major headache. Children are children and they will naturally gravitate to things which attract them. There are far too many attractive things in a mall.

In short, we stopped going with the kids. I stopped looking forward to shopping. I discovered better and other ways of entertaining myself.

Fast forward 3 years later.

I found myself in the same mall we used to go with the kids. Memories of the terrible times we had there suddenly flashed back. It was so bad I wanted to leave Australia then.

 I never thought I will enjoy a good book, a nice coffee and freshly made crepe without having to chase someone.

2015-04-18 10.58.59

Every thing tastes better this time. Every moment is more joyous.

Time is my ally.  All children grow up.